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Spud Shed Development

Ascot Capital, owners and developers of the Jandakot airport mixed business precinct, acquired approximately 50 hectares of industrial land located along the Australind bypass at the corner of Paris Road. With a vision to develop a new mixed business precinct, Ascot Capital commissioned Harley Dykstra to assist with designing and negotiating approvals for masterplans, subdivision staging and development applications for a specific light industrial and mixed business activities.

The establishment of a spud shed distribution centre and produce store was to be the catalyst for the rest of the development of what is being termed Australind City and for this reason it was also designed to be positioned at the main northern entry into the estate from Paris Road. Harley Dykstra together with Ascot Capital and its architects worked on designing a development site and building that would both meet the needs of the spud shed distribution centre and produce store, whilst also addressing the standards and requirements of the local and regional planning authorities. The project team worked closely with the local authority and the Department of Planning to address a number of community and business concerns that were expressed in relation to the appropriateness of a spud shed produced store with retail component in this particular location. An economic impact assessment was undertaken, and in subsequent presentations to the local and state planners, the project team painted a very clear picture of the changes that were occurring within the industrial and mixed business market place and how such changes would affect the role out of new light industry/mixed business estates such as this. For example, the spud shed proposal comprised a hybrid activity which combined a distribution centre with a produce market and a smaller retail component, and by combining these activities the business would become viable and competitive in the new market place. The ability for a large business to combine its space and its staff resource provides the spud shed with a business model that allows it to remain very competitive within the existing food and grocery wholesale and retail market space. Harley Dykstra together with the project team, first of all negotiated a planning approval through the Shire of Harvey, which also involved a public advertising process and several council meetings with presentations made to these meetings. Given that the West Australian Planning Commission had not delegated its approval authority under the region scheme to the local authority, Harley Dykstra together with the project team then approached the Department of Planning and WAPC with further information and a deputation that ultimately resulted in a Planning approval being issued. As part of that planning approval, the Department of Planning also advised Ascot Capital to process with further master planning of the Australind City industrial estate, to ensure that the further development of that estate would respond to the changing market conditions in a masterplan and integrated manner.

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