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We use cutting-edge mobile mapping systems to seamlessly and accurately capture spatial data, enabling a comprehensive and immersive reality capture digital representation of environments for industries such as real estate, construction, and facility management, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and precision in your project workflows.

Bringing Reality Capture into your environment.

Reality Capture involves creating up-to-date models of real-world environments using point clouds. This data can be simplified into CAD elements through feature extraction or converted into a triangulated surface mesh for detailed visualization. Combining these techniques, we can integrate digital CAD or BIM designs with point clouds or meshes to assess fit and plan installations. This process enables the creation of accurate digital twins, providing a comprehensive view of the environment for various applications.

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Lettable Area/Lease Surveys

We use our advanced mobile mapping technology capture precise measurements and documentation of the usable area within a property, crucial for lease agreements and property management. Because it measures everything that it sees, no detail is missed.

These surveys provide accurate 3D representations of buildings and spaces, aiding in determining rentable areas and facilitating property transactions.

Real estate developers, property managers, and leasing agents often require Lettable Area/Lease Surveys to ensure transparency in lease agreements, optimise space utilisation, and make informed decisions about property leasing and management.

Find out more about our mobile mapping technology here. 

Our wearable mobile mapper is cutting traditional field surveying time in half.

Redefining topographic surveying with precision and speed.

Collecting data, measurements and real dimensions is smoother than ever using our wearable mobile mapping device. Known as 'the most accurate wearable mapping device on the market', our skilled surveyors use this technology to walk through existing built form and infrastructure to collect accurate real-time data. Once the data is sent to our computers, point clouds and panoramic images are transformed into intelligent spaces accessible from any standard web browser, making it easy for you to see your accurate data points online.

The NavVis is the latest in mobile mapping technology.

Why opt for our mobile mapping service?

up to 10%

faster in the field and in the office

up to 82%

labour time reduction

up to 50%

project cost reduction

Reality capture and mobile mpapping services are available from Harley Dykstra

Infrastructure Clash Detection

Infrastructure Clash Detection Surveys use advanced reality capture techniques (such as 3D laser scanning or Building Information Modelling (BIM)) to find potential problems in construction plans before building starts.

This helps architects, engineers, and construction workers avoid mistakes, making projects go more smoothly. People overseeing projects also find these surveys helpful as they prevent expensive errors and make sure everything works well together.

Point Cloud Feature Surveys

Point Cloud Feature Surveys involve the highly detailed mapping and representation of physical features using our 3D laser scanning and mobile mapping technologies.


The sheer density of points captured means that even intricate and complex historical facades and features can be viably taken into the digital environment. 


These surveys provide accurate and comprehensive data on the existing conditions of a site or structure, supporting architects, engineers, and urban planners in their design and analysis processes.

Those involved in construction, renovation, or city planning projects benefit from Point Cloud Feature Surveys to enhance precision in design, streamline decision-making, and ensure efficient project implementation.

Mobile mapping of bridges takes a fraction of the time of traditional surveying methods.

We also provide these services...

Surveying Services

All of your surveying needs from the one organisation.

Town Planning

70+ years of local knowledge goes into our Town planning services. 

Project Management

Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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