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Project Due Diligence for subdivisions and developments


Our Project Due Diligence service includes gathering vital information and clarifying project goals in the crucial initial phase of your project, ensuring a solid foundation for your town planning and surveying endeavours. Quality is of utmost importance to us at Harley Dykstra, so we strongly recommend beginning with this service for the best possible outcome.. 

Land search, due diligence and project feasibility.

Due diligence being completed for upcoming land development

Whether it’s a two-lot subdivision or a two-hundred lot subdivision, it is important for you (as the landowner or Developer) to go into the project with a good knowledge of what the subdivision requirements are likely to involve, including: 

  • Construction costs

  • Consulting fees

  • Associated statutory and service agency headworks fees and costs


Knowing these factors in advance will provide subdividers with some preliminary and realistic information as to the likely feasibility of the project before commencing. 

We also look into local zoning laws, building codes, land use regulations and other legal requirements to make sure your project doesn't run into any roadblocks along the development journey. 

Trust Harley Dykstra to guide you through every phase of your subdivision journey with precision and professionalism.

With our multi-disciplinary team of Town Planners, Surveyors, and Project Managers and our experience in land subdivision, Harley Dykstra is able to undertake these preliminary due diligence investigations on behalf of landowners, or where necessary, also work together with required sub-consultants in order to compile a preliminary realistic feasibility for the subdivision project.

This invaluable insight not only informs the approval process but also sets clear expectations for the subdivision's construction program. 

Harley Dykstra have a Project Management team for small and large developments.

Assessing your project for any risks, and creating solutions to minimise them.

Undertaking Project Due Diligence also gives you peace of mind when it comes to risk management and mitigation. By identifying potential risks early on, and challenges associated with the project, we can develop strategies to mitigate or manage them effectively.

We work with land developers, government and private home owners across WA.

Our continual mission for providing high quality services in Land and Engineering Surveying, Town Planning, and Project Management services has lead us to be able to offer our services to the majority of Western Australia. With offices in Bunbury, Albany and Perth (Forrestdale), our team are spread throughout the state to help with your next project.

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