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Bathymetric hydrone surveying services


Can't see the ground for the water? No problem!

Our skilled team employs cutting-edge hydrographic survey techniques, using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver precise bathymetric survey data of the underwater environment.

Hydro Survey services are available from Harley Dykstra

Hydro Surveying

Want to know what’s going on underwater? Our team of Surveyors can help!

Bathymetric surveying services focus on mapping and measuring the underwater topography, including the depth of water bodies such as lakes, dams, rivers, and oceans.


Employing specialised, survey grade sonar equipment, bathymetric surveys generate detailed depth maps by measuring the time it takes for sound waves to travel from our boat, to the seabed and back again.

These surveys are crucial for mapping, environmental studies, and infrastructure planning in maritime and aquatic environments.

Tailings Dam/Dam Mapping Surveys

Tailings dam surveys involve the systematic assessment and monitoring of tailings dams, which are structures used to store the byproducts of mining operations. Survey assists in the analysis of remaining capacity, structural analysis and monitoring of dredging operations.

Our Hydrone survey equipment allows for the remote operation of on-water measurement from the safety of the shore.  Our staff only need to approach the water to launch and recover the craft, minimising the highest risk part of works near water. This makes our hydrographic survey service a “great fit” for modern OH&S systems, whilst also providing comprehensive and efficient data capture.

Tailings Dam Surveys
Environmental and Coastal Monitoring services are available from Harley Dykstra

Environmental and Coastal Monitoring

Our Hydrographic survey capabilities allow us to conduct bathymetric surveys of coastal areas. When these are combined with our ground and air survey acquired data on land, they allow us to “complete the picture” of the coastal marine environment.


Dynamic coastal environments such as those being analysed in coastal monitoring projects are therefore another domain that we can apply our knowledge and experience to.

We also provide these services...

Surveying Services

All of your surveying needs from the one organisation.

Town Planning

70+ years of local knowledge goes into our Town planning services. 

Project Management

Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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