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Volume Surveys from Harley Dykstra


Our team of Engineering and Land Surveyors are able to employ advanced technology to meticulously quantify and analyse earthwork quantities, ensuring meticulous material management and strategic decision-making for construction and mining projects.

Volume Surveys by Harley Dykstra
Volume Surveys by Harley Dykstra

Volume Surveys

Make your materials management or construction projects more efficient with our specialised Volume Surveying service. Our accredited surveying team ensures precise measurements, allowing land developers and builders to optimise resource utilisation, minimise material waste, and meet regulatory standards seamlessly.

Volume Assessment and Reporting Survey services (incorporating data from Aerial Surveys), focus on precise measurement and analysis of changes in terrain volume, benefiting sectors like mining, construction, and environmental management.

Our Volume Assessment and Reporting Surveys are employed by mining companies, construction enterprises, and environmental agencies to monitor earthwork activities, assess material volumes accurately, and maintain compliance with project requirements.

At Harley Dykstra, we can deliver the results and reporting in a timely and creative fashion, from a simple numerical report, to a 3D rendered picture with digital data.

Trust us to provide the accurate data you need for efficient project planning and successful construction endeavours.

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