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These surveys provide accurate and updated information about the final placement, dimensions, and configurations of various elements within a construction project, ensuring that the as-built conditions align with the original design plans. These are crucial for validating construction quality, compliance with regulations, and facilitating proper maintenance and future modifications.

Auditing Surveys by Harley Dykstra

Auditing Surveys

An Auditing As-Constructed Survey involves one of our Surveyors reviewing and verifying the integrity and accuracy of infrastructure being installed, such as roads, utilities, or other construction projects, against the approved design plans and digital data.

Engaging a Harley Dykstra Surveyor for this service helps you to ensure that the as-built features align with the original specifications, helping to identify any deviations or discrepancies.


This type of survey is essential for quality control, compliance with regulatory standards, and validating the accuracy of constructed elements in engineering and construction projects.

Clash Detection Surveys

The Harley Dykstra team of Surveyors are able to identify and resolve potential clashes or conflicts between newly designed elements and existing infrastructure.


We supply you with the spatial data to allow you to see if the new piece will physically “fit” in its proposed surroundings as well as checking the space along the transport path required to get it there (in the case of large, prefabricated modules).

Appointing a Surveyor for this service helps ensure that construction components (such as utilities or structures), do not interfere with each other or violate design specifications.


Save yourself time and stress by minimising construction issues, improving project efficiency, and avoiding costly modifications during or after construction.

Clash Detection Surveys
Road As Constructed Survey Services from Harley Dykstra

Road As-Constructed

These surveys involve our Surveyors verifying the location, dimensions, and alignment of road infrastructure elements (such as pavements, curbs, and utilities), in comparison to the approved design plans.

Engaging a Surveyor for this service ensures that the constructed road adheres to the specified standards and regulations.


This survey is crucial for quality control, compliance verification, and documentation of the as-built conditions, providing accurate information for maintenance, future planning, and regulatory reporting.

Servicing As-Constructed

A Servicing As-Constructed Survey includes the evaluation and documentation of utility services' location, dimensions, and installation, aligning them with approved design plans.

Engaging a Surveyor for this task is essential to verify compliance with engineering standards and regulatory mandates, ensuring the accuracy of the constructed utility elements, such as Reticulated Sewerage and Reticulated Water.


We will apply the survey techniques best suited to achieve the efficiency and accuracy of measurement required by the project’s specifications and tolerances.

Servicing as constructed

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