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Feature and Contour Surveys being completed by Harley Dykstra


Feature and Contour Surveys provide a comprehensive understanding of the land, offering valuable insights for various purposes such as urban planning, real estate development, and infrastructure design. Read on to see how Harley Dykstra can bring accurate topographical data to your project.


Feature and Contour Surveys

A Feature Survey involves the collection and mapping of various physical features on a piece of land, such as buildings, roads, trees, rivers, and other man-made or natural elements.


This method of survey involves physically visiting a site and measuring features on the ground. This is an important distinction from other remote methods of mapping because whilst they can provide a great overview, they often miss details that can only be located on the ground (e.g. services under thick tree canopies, ground levels under heavy vegetation and features near buildings). 

Our team of Surveying consultants can deliver a single comprehensive dataset including contours, giving you the most accurate information possible before you commence your build.

LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) mapping is a technology that uses laser light scanning from an aircraft to measure points on the ground. 


The speed of the equipment allows it to create highly accurate, dense “clouds” of points which form three-dimensional maps of the Earth's surface. In land development, LiDAR mapping is utilised for various purposes to gather large quantities of detailed information about the terrain and landscape.

Some of the key applications include topographic mapping, site analysis, floodplain mapping, urban planning, vegetation analysis (bushfire attack level or vegetation offset areas), infrastructure design, slope stability analysis and 3D modelling.

Lidar Mapping from Harley Dykstra
Underground-Service by Harley Dykstra

Underground Service Location

Harley Dykstra's underground service location surveys involve the process of identifying and mapping the location of underground utilities and services such as water pipes, sewer lines, gas lines, electrical cables, and telecommunication cables.

This is crucial in land development projects to avoid damaging existing infrastructure, ensure the safety of construction activities, and plan for efficient utility connections. The process typically involves the use of specialised equipment and technologies to detect and map the presence of underground services.

In identifying underground services, we either use unobtrusive methods where no ground is disturbed or carry out manual “pot-holing” to accurately identify and locate sensitive services. Harley Dykstra from time to time engage with specialists in completing this service to ensure that optimum results are achieved.

We also provide these services...

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Town Planning

70+ years of local knowledge goes into our Town planning services. 

Project Management

Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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