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Project Management Services for your next development or subdivision project


Harley Dykstra's Complete Project Management services streamline the complex process of transforming raw land into a developed property. By entrusting Project Management to experts, you can ensure efficient coordination of various tasks such as site analysis, planning, and permitting.

Henry Dykstra, Director and Town Planner

Streamline your land development and infrastructure plans.

Our comprehensive approach when it comes to Project Management not only minimises risks and delays for your next project, but also maximises the potential for successful project completion within realistic timelines and budgets, ultimately enhancing your overall profitability and reputation.

Having your project coordinated and overseen by a multidisciplinary company with extensive experience and expertise provides peace of mind that your property is going to be optimised in terms of quality, cost and timing.

Harley Dykstra's Complete Project Management Process:

Project Plan

Team Assembly

Budget + Program

We prepare a Project Plan that details the manner in which each of the conditions will be satisfied.

We then assemble a project team of sub-consultants and contractors who would be capable of doing the works required for each of the conditions of approval.

We work with you to create a Project Budget and Program, with all key milestones and deliverables outlined. 

Approvals + Clearances



We then oversee all of the subsequent approvals, plans, works and certifications needed in order to ensure clearance is given to each of the conditions of subdivision approval.

You will be in communication with our Harley Dykstra team throughout the entire process, with any hold ups or approval updates relayed to you quickly. 

Your Project is completed!

Project Management Support services available.

Harley Dykstra is able to work with you at whatever management level you are comfortable with, from a support Project Management role through to a complete Project Management and oversight role.

We always strive for quality, and bring the most accurate and relevant information to you during the process.

Simona from Harley Dykstra Albany and Denmark

We work with land developers, government and private home owners across WA.

Our continual mission for providing high quality services in Land and Engineering Surveying, Town Planning, and Project Management services has lead us to be able to offer our services to the majority of Western Australia. With offices in Bunbury, Albany and Perth (Forrestdale), our team are spread throughout the state to help with your next project.

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