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The Cadastre, which comprises the boundary survey marks, information and Titles for all the land parcels in the state, underpins the wealth and prosperity of the whole state.  Our Licensed Surveyors are the professionals whose responsibility it is to maintain and develop this important system.


Combining advanced technology and our years of local knowledge, expertise and experience, we offer accurate boundary determination and land parcel survey.

Surveying for a future subdivision

Subdivision Surveys – Large or Small

When it comes to subdivision, our Cadastral Surveys enable the precise measurement and drafting of land parcels to establish new legal boundaries, interests in land, to create and maintain certainty of Title.

These surveys play a crucial role in the subdivision process by accurately delineating individual new lots and ensuring compliance with zoning regulations, land-use planning and subdivision approvals.


Cadastral Surveys provide the foundation for the creation of new parcels, helping to maintain accurate property records and facilitate transparent property transactions within subdivided developments.

Our Planning team can also bring their services to your subdivision needs - get in touch for more information.

Boundary Identification

Our Cadastral Surveys assist with boundary identification by meticulously measuring and mapping land parcels, providing accurate data on property boundaries and dimensions.

These surveys identify legal property lines, helping to resolve disputes, prevent encroachments, and ensure clear delineation of ownership rights.


Cadastral surveys are essential for maintaining reliable lot boundary records, supporting transparent land transactions, and upholding the integrity of property boundaries.

A fenceline identifying a boundary

Strata Titles

Harley Dykstra Town Planner assessing plans for a future development.

Strata titles refer to a form of 'layered' property ownership commonly used in multi-unit or multi-level developments, such as apartment buildings or condominium complexes.

Cadastral surveys play a crucial role in the establishment of strata titles by precisely defining the boundaries of individual units and Strata Lots within a multi-unit development.

The resulting cadastral data forms the basis for the creation of strata plans and documentation, facilitating the proper registration and management of strata titles, and helping to avoid confusion about ownership and boundary disputes within the development.

Easement and Interest Creation

Engaging a Licensed Surveyor to consult on the creation of new interests in land is essential to accurately define their location, definition and dimensions.


This helps the new easement, notification or covenant, to achieve its goal and minimises unintended side-effects, ensuring legal compliance and preventing potential conflicts between property owners.

Our Licensed Surveyors' expertise in boundary identification, spatial definition and documentation helps create a precise record of the easement, facilitating transparent property transactions and minimising disputes.

Easement and Interest creation services from Harley Dykstra
Repeg Reeastablishment Surveys being done by Harley Dyjstra team

Re-establishment Survey

A repeg or re-establishment survey involves marking or re-establishing property boundaries based on existing survey marks.

If you're a property owner or developer, our Licensed Surveyors can verify and confirm the accuracy of existing boundaries, especially after changes in land use, construction, or even if you are simply uncertain about what you own.

Using our Surveyors' expertise is crucial for ensuring legal compliance, preventing encroachments when erecting new structures, and providing accurate property information for landowners and relevant authorities.

We also provide these services...

Surveying Services

All of your surveying needs from the one organisation.

Town Planning

70+ years of local knowledge goes into our Town planning services. 

Project Management

Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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