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Laser scanning at Harley Dykstra


Our team of Engineering Surveyors capture detailed 3D representations of environments, providing comprehensive data for accurate as-built documentation, asset management, and streamlined decision-making in construction, engineering, and facility management projects.

Measuring millions of points a minute.

The advent of modern Laser Scanning has taken traditional survey methods of measuring points by radial techniques (theodolite and chain) and ‘put them on steroids’.  Scanning equipment is able to accurately measure millions of points a minute and generates so much data, we call it a point ‘cloud’. 

We have embraced this technology and offer the following services.

Aerial Laser Scanning by Harley Dykstra

Aerial Laser Scanning

Aerial laser scanning services involve the use of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanning technology mounted on aircraft to capture highly detailed and accurate three-dimensional point cloud models of the Earth's surface.   

Aerial laser scanning can be merged with ground-based scan data to fill in the shadows in data under trees and structures (or even indoors), to build a 'digital twin' of an entire area.

These services are widely employed in applications such as urban planning, forestry management, and infrastructure development to enhance mapping efficiency and support informed decision-making.

Building Laser Scanning

Building Laser Scanning services use ground-based LiDAR to create highly detailed 3D representations of existing structures.


This precise data aids in architectural and engineering applications, including as-built documentation, renovations, and retrofitting, making detailed recording of historic facades feasible and affordable.


Our wearable mobile laser scanning services offer a fast, agile method for scanning large areas, producing sub-centimeter point clouds of environments like streetscapes, multi-story buildings, malls, bridges, and complex transport sites.

Building Laser Scanning by Harley Dykstra
Structural-Laser-Scanning by Harley Dykstra

Structural Laser Scanning

Our unique advantage in the scanning field is our ability to geo-reference data using our surveying expertise. We align scan data with existing site grids, datums, and real-world coordinate systems, ensuring seamless integration with your site data and new designs. This precision enhances environmental analysis, such as assessing overshadowing and solar efficiency.

Our tripod-mounted Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) services produce millimetre-accurate point-clouds which are suitable for structural analysis and design. By registering multiple scans into a single point cloud, we can build up an accurate, detailed module of an entire structure.

Point Clouds

Point clouds are detailed 3D datasets created from laser scanning or digital photogrammetry, consisting of millions of individual points. Due to their large size, handling point clouds can be challenging. We offer hosting services that allow you to interact with point cloud data on any device using standard web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla.

For those needing simplified data, our feature extraction service converts point clouds into traditional CAD files, extracting elements like curb lines, building lines, structural components, and more using AI-enabled software.

Our technology is essential in surveying, engineering, and architecture for as-built documentation, analysis, and modeling. Contact our skilled surveyors to learn more.

Point Clouds being created by the tech at Harley Dykstra

We also provide these services...

Surveying Services

All of your surveying needs from the one organisation.

Town Planning

70+ years of local knowledge goes into our Town planning services. 

Project Management

Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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