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A Harley Dykstra vehicle and surveying drone getting ready for take off.


Our consultants bring high quality specialty surveying services to your projects, including geodetic surveys, control surveys, monitoring surveys, and deformation surveys.

Geodetic Surveys in Western Australia

Geodetic Surveys

Geodetic Surveys are a type of surveying that involves measuring and representing the three-dimensional positions of points on the Earth's surface. These surveys are conducted on a large scale and are focused on establishing a precise and consistent framework for mapping and navigation over broader geographic areas.

They assist Government agencies with geospatial planning, cartography and mapping, and are also used for land surveying, civil engineering, environmental monitoring, satellite communications, and essentially any technology that utilises Global Positioning System (GPS).

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can bring Geodetic Surveying to your next project!

Control Surveys

Control Surveys are a type of surveying activity that involves the establishment of precise horizontal and vertical reference points, often referred to as control points or survey control.

These points serve as a stable and accurate framework for subsequent surveys in a particular area. Control Surveys are fundamental in geodetic and cadastral surveying, as well as in various engineering and construction projects.  They are the back-bone of accuracy that you entire project can be built on, to ensure its efficient delivery.


Get in touch with our team of Consulting Surveyors to see how we can assist with Control Surveys in your next development project.

Control Survey services being completed by Harley Dykstra

Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring Survey services being completed by Harley Dykstra

Monitoring Surveys involve the systematic collection and analysis of data, to track changes over time in various aspects of the environment, structures, or terrain.


These surveys use specialised, high precision instruments and technologies to continuously or periodically measure factors such as position, movement, deformation, and environmental conditions.

Our team will ensure that measurement regimes are carried out consistently and reliably, as well as making sure that you get the results delivered in a timely fashion.

Our Monitoring Surveys play a crucial role in ensuring the stability, safety, and performance of structures and landscapes. If you're in the fields of civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental monitoring, and mining, you can use these surveys to detect and respond to changes that may impact the integrity or functionality of the monitored systems.

Deformation Surveys

Deformation surveys (also known as deformation monitoring or structural monitoring), involve the measurement and analysis of changes in the shape, position, or condition of structures or surfaces over time.

Our Deformation Survey services will help you assess and understand how structures or terrain deform or shift under various influences, so you can make informed decisions when planning.

Deformation Surveys happening across WA

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Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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