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We offer multidisciplinary land services for the West Australian mining and resource sectors. 

Our range of services deliver precise data and insightful enhancements throughout the exploration, construction, and production phases of mine development and infrastructure in the resource industries. 


Our expertise spans from initial feasibility assessments, obtaining approvals, topographical, feature, volumes, aerial and bathymetric surveys, and extend seamlessly into comprehensive planning, and continuous decision-making support.

Surveying and Town Planning services are available for your next development project

Surveying Services

Our Land and Engineering Surveying services range from Feature and Contour surveys, through to Bathymetric (Hydrone) Surveys. 

Our advanced surveying solutions are tailored to maximise efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Our expertise in precise measurement and data analysis empowers you to make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and mitigate risks, ensuring seamless project execution and greater profitability.

Town Planning

Our experienced team of qualified Town Planners can assist you with your next mining land development project, whether it involves preliminary planning investigations, rezoning of land, structure planning, subdivision approval, or development approval. 

Our team has a thorough understanding of the various planning frameworks and policy requirements involved in mining projects, that will need to be considered. Your project will also benefit from our local knowledge, connections and experience, and the accumulative advantage of having access to a multi-disciplinary team that includes Land Surveyors, Engineering Surveyors, and Project Managers.

At Harley Dykstra our Town Planners operate within a multi-disciplinary team where collectively our aim is to be involved in projects that have a realistic prospect of approval and are able to be practically implemented.

Project Management

Whether you're embarking on a small-scale two-lot subdivision or a large-scale estate development, our team of Project Managers, in tandem with our Surveyors and Town Planners, ensures a thorough understanding of project requirements, costs, timelines, and feasibilities from the get-go.

Our comprehensive Project Management service encompasses everything from developing a project plan to coordinating sub-consultants and sub-contractors. We oversee all necessary works to meet subdivision conditions, coordinate survey plans, and secure condition clearances up to the point of having deposited plans ready for Landgate dealings.

By entrusting your project to Harley Dykstra, you gain peace of mind knowing that your development will be optimised in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely completion, thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise and extensive industry experience.

Coal Mining

With offices in Perth, Bunbury and Albany, our expert team of professionals are able to work with mining and resource projects all over the state of Western Australia, applying our strict quality standards and the latest technology.

We also work with local developers, Government agencies, and private home owners across WA.

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