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Using the latest drone technology and skilled expertise, we capture high-resolution aerial imagery and point cloud data to provide precise, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to your mapping, environmental monitoring, stock pile volume and infrastructure planning needs.

Photogrammetric Mapping services being completed by Harley Dykstra

Photogrammetric Mapping

Harley Dykstra's Photogrammetric Mapping Survey services involve the use of aerial or satellite imagery to create detailed and accurate maps or three-dimensional models of terrain, structures, and features.

Contracting a Harley Dykstra Surveyor for this service is essential to ensure precise data collection, analysis, and interpretation of the imagery for mapping purposes. This type of survey is particularly useful in land development, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure planning, where accurate underlying spatial information is crucial to the success of the project.

LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) mapping services involve the use of laser scanning technology, mounted on aircraft to create highly detailed and accurate three-dimensional maps of the Earth's surface.

Our aerial surveys with LiDAR use drones to capture precise elevation data, terrain features, vegetation (canopy, ground and understorey) and structures, making them valuable for industries such as urban planning, forestry, and infrastructure development.

Urban planners, environmental agencies, and engineering firms can benefit from our LiDAR mapping services to acquire detailed topographic information for land-use planning, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure design, enabling them to make informed decisions and conduct efficient project management. 

Lidar Mapping example by Harley Dykstra
Environmental and Coastal Monitoring along the WA coast

Environmental and Coastal Monitoring

Due to our experience in both Photogrammetry and Survey, we are able to combine the two disciplines to provide up-to-date survey accurate coastal monitoring and mapping services. Using survey accurate GPS ground control to adjust our aerial photography products, we are able to provide very high accuracy aerial photography and point clouds. 

The scope and scale of Photogrammetry allows for large areas to be captured in detail. Repeated capture of a site over a number of epochs throughout a number of seasons or years allows for this data to be used in environmental change detection analysis. 


Change can be to visually determined features, evident in the data or to the relief of a site through ground height difference analysis (e.g. for rehabilitated mine areas).

Click here to see how our Hydrone service can complete the picture.

Asset Inspection

Asset Inspection Survey services traditionally involve the visual inspection of large structures (eg bridges, large buildings and structure), by bringing the inspector to the structure (often using scaffold and elevated work platforms). 


Our drone services have enabled a new approach, using high resolution (and zoom-enabled) photo and video to bring the structure to the inspector.

Live streaming the bird’s eye view from the drone, to the safety of an inspector (with a high-definition screen) on the ground enables a faster, cheaper and safer workflow. 


The specialist inspector can also instruct our expert pilot to manoeuvre to obtain the optimal views to conduct their work. The entire process is recorded for reference as well as later analysis and reporting.

Construction and Progress Monitoring

Construction and Progress Monitoring

Construction and Progress Monitoring Survey services (utilising aerial surveys), offer real-time insights into project development for construction managers and developers. They also offer a powerful tool for the comparison of change project and progress over time.

These services enable efficient progress tracking, issue identification, and informed decision-making throughout the construction process.

Volume Assessment and Reporting

Volume Assessment and Reporting Survey services (incorporating data from Aerial Surveys), focus on precise measurement and analysis of changes in terrain volume, benefiting sectors like mining, construction, and environmental management.

Our Volume Assessment and Reporting Surveys are employed by mining corporations, construction enterprises, and environmental agencies to monitor earthwork activities, assess material volumes accurately, and maintain compliance with project requirements.

Volume Assessments

We also provide these services...

Surveying Services

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Town Planning

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Project Management

Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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