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Development Approvals service offered by Harley Dykstra


Development approvals are the official permissions required from local authorities to proceed with construction or renovation projects. By engaging our Town Planners, you leverage their expertise in navigating the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with zoning laws and regulations, and streamlining the approval process.


Helping you obtain your development approvals before construction.

Most developments, including new buildings and new land uses, require Planning Approval from the local authority, and sometimes also from a state planning authority.


Planning applications involve preparation of sufficiently detailed site plans and elevations of built form, which Harley Dykstra can either undertake in-house or in close consultation with architects and designers acting for the landowner or developer.

With you every step of the way through the application process.

Planning applications require a supporting planning report to demonstrate compliance with the planning framework and relevant policies. Planning applications also will often require other specialist inputs such as bushfire management plans, traffic management plans, drainage management plans, landscape planning, etc. Our expert town planners work closely with the relevant specialist subconsultants to ensure appropriate briefing and reporting is undertaken, so that the ultimate planning application is compiled in a comprehensive manner that is acceptable to the local and/or state planning authorities.

Of course, every project is unique, and the best way to check how we can assist you is to get in contact with our team. 

Negotiation experience between stakeholders.

Planning applications will commonly take 2-4 months for processing and approval and will include consultation with local and state government agencies, and potentially also will involve community consultation and input.


Harley Dykstra’s team of Town Planners has the skills and experience to negotiate such planning applications through these processes and also to negotiate the most favourable conditions of approval.

Development Approvals services are available from Harley Dykstra
Development application services are available from Harley Dykstra

Creating long-lasting partnerships with our clients. 

At Harley Dykstra, we place great value on collaboration, consistently delivering high quality results across Western Australia.

By selecting Harley Dykstra as your partner, you enlist a reliable ally committed to achieving optimal results for your project. We foster close collaboration with our clients, ensuring transparent communication and offering regular updates throughout the development approval process, so you remain informed about the progress of your project at every stage.

We work with land developers, government and private home owners across WA.

Our continual mission for providing high quality services in Land and Engineering Surveying, Town Planning, and Project Management services has lead us to be able to offer our services to the majority of Western Australia. With offices in Bunbury, Albany and Perth (Forrestdale), our team are spread throughout the state to help with your next project.

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