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Construction Survey from an aerial drone


Our experienced team employs advanced surveying techniques and instrumentation to provide accurate set-out and monitoring services, ensuring precision in site preparation, grading, and infrastructure development, ultimately optimising construction efficiency and minimising costly errors.

Construction Setout by Harley Dykstra

Construction Setout

Construction Setout surveys involve the precise establishment of reference points and markers on the ground to guide construction activities according to design plans.

These services ensure accurate positioning of foundations, structures, and other elements during the construction process. Construction companies, project managers, and contractors utilise Set-out surveys to implement designs on-site with precision, ensuring that construction aligns seamlessly with project specifications.

Servicing Setout

Prior to carrying out construction of your land development or infrastructure project, it is important to carry out accurate survey set out to ensure the proper placement of services (even buried services) according to design plans and data. 

These Servicing Setout Surveys involve precise measurements and markings to guide the installation of utility services such as water, sewer, and gas lines during construction projects.


Our Surveyors use their expertise and specialised equipment to ensure accurate positioning and alignment of these essential services according to design plans.

Servicing Setout by Harley Dykstra
Machine Control Services by Harley Dykstra

Machine Control Services

Machine Control involves the use of specialised surveying techniques and technology to guide construction machinery (such as graders, bulldozers and excavators), during earthmoving and grading projects.


Surveyors create precise 3D models and control point networks, allowing machinery operators to follow design specifications with accuracy, reducing errors and improving efficiency. 


The underlying knowledge behind these systems relating to things such as coordinate systems, datums and accuracy reside with the surveyor and they are the best equipped to ensure the correct use of these powerful tools.

We can help you improve productivity, reduce waste and get the best results out of Machine Control.

Machine Control Model Preparation

Machine Control Model Preparation Surveys involve Surveyors creating detailed 3D models and data sets that guide construction machinery during earthmoving projects.

Our Surveyors analyse project designs and convert them into machine-readable formats, ensuring accurate implementation on the construction site. A Surveyor’s practical focus and attention to detail allows for the creation of datasets that are workable and address deficiencies that may exist within the design.

Machine Control Preparation by Harley Dykstra
Road-Setout by Harley Dykstra

Road Setout

Road Set-out Surveys involve the precise positioning and marking of key points, such as curves, intersections, and structures, to guide the construction of roads according to design plans.

Engaging a Surveyor for road set-out surveys is crucial to achieving optimal road geometry, ensuring safety, and complying with design specifications, ultimately contributing to the successful and efficient construction of roadways.


With over 70 years’ experience in infrastructure and development, we bring our expertise to each road project.

Structural Mechanical and Pipework (SMP)

Structural, Mechanical, and Pipework (SMP) Surveys involve precise measurements and assessments of industrial structures, machinery, and pipelines to ensure accurate installation and maintenance in sectors like manufacturing and energy.

Our Surveyors use advanced instruments to collect data on dimensions, alignments, and orientation, helping to optimise performance and safety.


Our laser scanning equipment enables us to supply millimetre-accurate point-cloud data and imagery over small and large areas.  We can also provide the data in real-world coordinates if needed.


We also provide these services...

Surveying Services

All of your surveying needs from the one organisation.

Town Planning

70+ years of local knowledge goes into our Town planning services. 

Project Management

Delivering projects of the highest quality every time, from concept to completion. 

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