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Prior to making a decision to purchase land for development purposes (or prior to commencing any planning application process), it is often prudent to understand the planning framework and policies that will be applicable, how they will affect your project intentions and directions, and ultimately your ability to achieve the desired project outcomes.

Planning Investigation services are available from Harley Dykstra

Know the project  requirements prior to purchase and approval.

Before you even begin planning a development, you'll need to know the planning framework and policies that will be applicable, and how they will affect your project intentions and directions. 

Our qualified Town Planners assist land developers by undertaking all the required research and investigation into the planning and policy frameworks and the related considerations that will affect the intended development of the land.

This may also include site visits and investigations, consultations with government agencies and obtaining relevant specialist sub-consultant inputs where required. A planning investigation or due diligence report can then be provided to assist prospective developers in decision making.

Communication throughout your whole project.

We also ensure clients receive regular communication with the status of their project. Our objective is to take the frustration out of a complex process. We use our combined expertise to avoid common hurdles that can affect the cost and timeliness of a subdivision or other development project.

Our unique combination of local knowledge and integrated expertise is used to resource and inform all our projects resulting in benefits for our clients and other stakeholders.


Working alongside land developers, government agencies, mining, and private home owners across WA.

Our continual mission for providing high quality services in land and engineering surveys, Town Planning, and Project Management services has lead us to be able to offer our services to the majority of Western Australia. With offices in Bunbury, Albany and Perth (Forrestdale), our team are spread throughout the state to help with your next project.

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