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Sand and Gravel Extraction Licence

In recent times Harley Dykstra was able to provide services to their client in order to obtain the necessary Planning Approval and Extractive Industry License for sand and gravel extraction in the Shire of Dardanup. In addition to obtaining the relevant licence for the client, Harley Dykstra was also instrumental in acquiring customers for the pit, which allowed sand extraction to begin immediately and road trains to start carting dirt from the first day the pit was opened.

Harley Dykstra is able to take an overall strategic view of projects, whereby we do our best to understand our clients’ needs and goals and hence work with our clients so that we can achieve wins for multiple clients rather than a single entity.

Sand and gravel extraction licences can at times seem fairly straightforward, however with environmental controls tightening, and also adjoining land owners interests, Harley Dykstra was required to project manage a number of consultants in order to allow the licence to be issued.

As part of obtaining a licence, there is also ongoing pit monitoring required that Harley Dykstra will provide for the client by way of its drone technology. This methodology makes the yearly auditing a simple and seamless process whereby drone technology provides photo and volume parameters to update the relevant government providers and clients with the actual mining that has occurred over the year.

Harley Dykstra also worked together with the Shire in the recent WALGA road contribution calculations, which was a first for the Shire and was able to successfully negotiate a positive outcome for the client and the Shire in terms of the transparent manner in which the WALGA guide was applied.


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