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Persistence is Key! Fount of Life Sanctuary Approved!

Architect rendering of the Font of Life plans
Images above - Community Hall Development (drawing by Peter Hunt Architect)

Harley Dykstra has obtained a Planning Approval from the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP), for a place of worship and community purpose facility for Fount of Life Sanctuary Inc. After 5 years of jumping through planning hoops, the landowner referred the project to Harley Dykstra with new zoning that allowed for additional uses – Community purposes and Place of Worship in a rural zone. Harley Dykstra, in conjunction with Peter Hunt Architect, repackaged and lodged the Development Application in early January 2019. Through the advertising stage there was heavy opposition including the creation of a conflicting webpage. Primary objections raised concerned the type and intensity of use proposed, as well as the scale of the building. Harley Dykstra continued to amend plans and address concerns of objections in an attempt to achieve the best outcome for all parties. Various sessions were held with the City of Kalamunda to work closely on the proposed Development Application. Harley Dykstra’s work along-side the City of Kalamunda, ensured all objections and issues were resolved to construct an outcome that would receive positive recommendation to JDAP. With full appreciation to the officers at the City of Kalamunda, the challenge was no match for the team at Harley Dykstra.  With perseverance it is evident that even the most challenging approvals can be achieved.


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