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“One Stop Shop” approvals for extractive industry operation

Multiple planning, environmental and Main Roads approvals were required before a lime sands extractive industry could commence its operations at a farming property along Indian Ocean Drive near Wedge Island. The lime sand extraction operation forms part of the landowners’ planning to diversify the productive agricultural use of the farm, including subdividing the property. The combination of disciplines and expertise at Harley Dykstra enabled the landowner to achieve all the required approvals through one consultancy, including:

  1. Planning approval for extractive industry;

  2. Local Extractive Industry Licence;

  3. Main Roads RAV4 vehicle use approval;

  4. Main Roads crossover upgrade approval;

  5. Department of Environment Regulation Land Clearing Permit;

  6. Department of Environment Regulation Works Approval; and

  7. WAPC Subdivision Approval. All of these approvals were handled seamlessly and efficiently by the multi-disciplinary team at Harley Dykstra, who also assisted the landowner in coordinating some of the implementation works associated with the various conditions of approval.  It is this integration of multi-disciplinary skills applied to all projects that sets Harley Dykstra apart from other consultancy’s offering significant benefits to clients and stakeholders alike.


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