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One Key Plan Solves Challenges at Devine Grove Estate

Devine Grove Estate – Taylorfields, Forrestdale

Following years of a proposed rezoning and structure plan struggling through various environmental hurdles, it was the preparation of a Drainage and Nutrient Management Plan that saw a breakthrough in obtaining the required approvals.

Although several parcels of land located in Taylor Road and Wolfe Road, Forrestdale, had been zoned for Rural Living subdivision already for a number of years, there was a prerequisite for a Structure Plan to be adopted prior to the granting of a Subdivision Approval over the land.  However, the environmental concerns raised by various government agencies presented a significant roadblock to the development of a Structure Plan progressing.  Recognising this, upon taking the project on several years ago, Harley Dykstra made it the first priority to meet with the relevant government agencies and listen to their concerns.  At that meeting, management solutions were agreed for:

  1. Revegetation of wetland environments;

  2. Control of water quality into wetlands;

  3. Elevation of building envelope sites from groundwater levels; and

  4. A nutrient controlled drainage system.

Harley Dykstra coordinated the preparation of the Drainage and Nutrient Management Plan, in consultation with the government representatives and utilising the expertise of numerous consultants with respect to rehabilitation, hydrology, geotechnical, environmental, engineering and planning inputs.  The Drainage and Nutrient Management Plan provided a blueprint for the construction of both estates in Taylor Road and Wolfe Road, and their compliance with all relevant environmental, engineering and health standards.

After successfully obtaining subdivision approval, Harley Dykstra has also been involved in the implementation of the subdivisions, both in Taylor Road and in Wolfe Road.  Taylor Road construction of Stage 1 is complete with some lots sold, and Stage 2 is currently undergoing the final stages of construction prior to sales.

Both estates, totalling some 22 lots, present extremely well, with dominant features including the retention of trees along roadways, quality timber fencing and elevated prepared building envelope sites.


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