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Multiple Dwelling Development Achieves Objectives

Multiple Dwelling Development Achieves Design and Sustainability Objectives – Strang Street, Beaconsfield

The City of Fremantle has been pursuing the rezoning of the Beaconsfield locality to transform an existing mixed use precinct into a high quality, pedestrian accessible Activity Centre, given its proximity to existing commercial areas in South Fremantle, South Beach and public transport.

Our client had commissioned Peter Hunt Architects to design a four storey, 37 unit apartment complex on a challenging site in terms of its topography, most notably a limestone ridge. As the first proposal to benefit from the new development opportunities in this redevelopment precinct, the City of Fremantle was particularly keen to ensure a high bench-mark was established, in terms of design and built form, which reflected an identifiable Fremantle streetscape character and achieved compliance with the City’s Environmentally Sustainable Design Objectives.

Harley Dykstra’s role was to co-ordinate the preparation of a comprehensive Development Application, including negotiation with the City’s Design Advisory Committee to ensure the development satisfied various design criteria.

After obtaining a planning approval, it was necessary to challenge a potentially unreasonable condition requiring a Four Star Green Star Energy Efficiency rating via the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). Unchallenged, the condition had the potential to impact on construction costs and impose future management obligations on the developer. In addition, costs associated with a design element required by the Design Advisory Committee was also challenged at the SAT.

Each of the above issues were successfully resolved through mediation at the SAT, providing an outcome for the client where by the development was commercially viable and affordable for future purchasers as well as achieving the design and sustainability expectations of the City of Fremantle.

Feature Image (above) sourced from Peter Hunt Architects


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