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Moss Ridge Estate, Rufus Street, Milpara

The original project commenced in 2008 when Harley Dykstra was approached for fee estimates for the surveying of a proposed 41 lot subdivision of Lot 5 Rufus Street, Milpara. The parcel of land had already been approved for subdivision by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in 2006. Full feature and surround survey was carried out, pre-calculation plans were created and the data sent to engineers. The project then went quiet for several years while the real estate market in Albany stabilised.

The project started to progress again in September 2012 when Harley Dykstra became project managers after the client felt he needed representation and assistance with the subdivision. This included all planning requirements, environmental management plans, Public Open Space landscaping and management plans, waterways management plans, engaging engineers & civil contractors, being involved in the tender selection process with the client, and general advice throughout the development process.

Stage 1 commenced in April 2014 consisting of 16 lots. As the subdivision approval was due to expire in July 2014, Harley Dykstra lodged an application for re-approval which also included a redesign for Stage 2. This redesign achieved an additional 4 lots without the need for any extra road, potentially adding an additional $1 million in revenue for the client. Re-approval was forthcoming prior to the old approval expiring and construction works continued uninterrupted.

Harley Dykstra provided all of the surveying services to both the developer and civil contractor during the construction of Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Harley Dykstra’s services included:

  1. Construction pegging;

  2. As-constructed surveys water, sewer, roads & drainage to R & D Spec;

  3. General guidance to the civil contractor and client about ways to progress;

  4. Liaising with client, contractors, City of Albany and engineers.

Some challenges encountered were:

  1. Construction during winter;

  2. Negotiating with clearance authorities about the new standard conditions which applied on the new approval;

  3. Liaising between client, engineer and contractors.

The end product of this project is a subdivision in a much sought after location close to central Albany. Stage 1 was finalised in November 2014.


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