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Mineral Tenement Marking - Doral Yoongarillup South West

Recently Harley Dykstra has been engaged to conduct mineral tenement marking for Doral under instruction from the Department of Mines and Petroleum. The Certification required to perform these works are not widely held, but do fall well within the broad-range of qualifications held by our staff.

Harley Dykstra has brought experience in conducting these works for Doral which involve accessing private and public land in order to place marks at the corners of new and modified mineral tenements.

Harley Dykstra surveyors worked in close contact with local land owners and Doral Minerals themselves in order to maintain good public relations on behalf of the company and place the marks that are required to define the tenement. The mineral tenement boundaries usually cross multiple cadastral land parcels across multiple land owners. This required the maintenance of good information about land ownership and access.

Our surveyors engaged the latest in GPS and Total Station instrumentation to ensure the accurate and efficient marking of all corners as required by legislation whilst minimising their environmental footprint and ensuring that land use practices such as hay making and livestock management are not interfered with.

For more information, please contact Harley Dykstra.


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