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Landcorp Emu Point Development

In February 2016, the City of Albany resolved to support a Scheme Amendment transferring a portion of Lot 3000 Emu Point Drive, Collingwood Park from the ‘Parks and Recreation’ local scheme reserve to the ‘Future Urban’ zone.

Harley Dykstra was engaged by Landcorp to prepare and progress the Scheme Amendment which lays the foundations for a 34 ha environmentally friendly residential development of approximately 132 lots featuring wildlife corridors, native bushland surrounds and a green points scheme.

City of Albany Planning and Development Services Executive Director Dale Putland said “This is a positive step for this project and the addition of public parkland is a good result for the community”.

The Scheme Amendment builds on work previously undertaken by Harley Dykstra, including the preparation and successful progression of an Outline Development Plan (ODP) approved by the City of Albany and WAPC. The ODP was prepared in consultation and cooperation with a range of consultants, including:

  1. H + H Architects (Design Guidelines and built form);

  2. Malone Designs (Urban Design and Landscape Master Plan);

  3. Lawrence Cuthbert and Associates (Sustainability);

  4. Wood & Grieve Engineers (Civil Engineering, Stormwater Management and Traffic);

  5. GHD (Environmental, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment)

  6. OPUS International (Fire Management); and

  7. Ficifolia Consulting (Dieback consultant)

The ODP will overlay the recently approved Scheme Amendment to guide future development of the site. The ODP is guided by a project-specific sustainability framework, with a view to achieving a sustainable development for the Albany community, and includes:

  1. A Village Centre to provide a focus and meeting place for the surrounding residential area and passing traffic;

  2. A range of residential lot types to accommodate apartments, townhouses, strata cluster dwellings and detached housing;

  3. Retention, enhancement and protection of approximately 60% of the site’s vegetation;

  4. A focus on sustainable development and a reduction in the usual ecological footprint of the development;

  5. Vegetated corridors connecting the site to habitat areas to the north, south, east and west of the site; and

  6. Respect for the natural topography of the site

Harley Dykstra’s ongoing involvement with this project is another example of our commitment to delivering quality land planning and development outcomes throughout Western Australia.


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