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Harley Dykstra Secures Stage 1 Subdivision Approval within West Mundijong Industrial Area

A map showing the Subdivision Approval

Simultaneous to the Structure Plan over the West Mundijong Industrial Area (WMIA) being approved, Harley Dykstra, obtained, subdivision approval for the first stage of this landmark industrial precinct. For a number of years now the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale identified and sought to respond to the demand for industrial land within its jurisdiction.  The Shire sought input from respected private sector experts and stakeholders to guide them in planning for a new industrial precinct.  Harley Dykstra has provided expert planning and land development input, and O’Neil Real Estate has provided local experience and expertise with selling industrial land. The location for this industrial precinct was selected on the basis of key transport links including the Tonkin Highway Extension, Mundijong Road (which links to the Kwinana Freeway and ultimately the new Outer Harbour), and the freight rail line.  The intersection of these transport links provides the crucial ingredients in the development and success of the WMIA as a strategic industrial precinct. Rezoning of the land to ‘Industrial’ has been gazetted and the Draft Structure Plan was adopted.  The Structure Plan includes light industrial zones, general industrial zones, service commercial zones and an indicative location for an intermodal facility. Concurrently with the progress of the WMIA Structure Plan, Harley Dykstra worked collaboratively with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and the WAPC to achieve an 8 Lot subdivision approval for Lot 14 Scott Rd, Mundijong.  This approval and its implementation will pioneer and set the standard for industrial land development with this precinct.  The Shire is actively seeking to encourage business investment from freight and logistics, recycling operations, food processing/agri-business, waste to energy plants, civil engineer and building companies, vehicle sales/repair companies, bus manufacturing and high technology industries. If you are interested in potential opportunities within this initial stage of the West Mundijong Industrial Area please feel free to speak with the Mike Dunsmore from O’Neil Real Estate or Henry Dykstra at Harley Dykstra.


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