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Harley Dykstra Manages New Residential Estate in Gosnells

Early this year Harley Dykstra obtained subdivision approval for fourteen (14) residential housing lots in Margaret Street, Gosnells adjoining the river system and representing an extension to an existing urban front within the City of Gosnells.  The subdivision approval required negotiation with a number of key issues relating to interface with the river environs, resolving the drainage and nutrient management requirements, interfacing with an existing subdivision and achieving appropriate turning circles for waste management vehicles.

Harley Dykstra has spent the past months working together with the client, the land agent, and the financial institutions in order to present a feasibility study demonstrating a business case for the development of the land.  Harley Dykstra has subsequently been appointed as project managers responsible for implementing the subdivision through construction and to Titles.

As project managers, Harley Dykstra has assembled a team of sub-consultants and sub-contractors to assist with the civil, electrical, communications and environmental works associated with designing construction drawings and ultimate implementation.  Harley Dykstra will oversee the appointment of all these sub-consultants and sub-contractors and will also drive the project works at ground level.

During the construction phase, Harley Dykstra will also assist in providing supervision, project management and survey services wherever needed to ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and to the required specification.

As town planners, project managers and surveyors, Harley Dykstra is able to offer clients a one stop shop service with complete overall management and responsibility for subdivision implementation process.  Harley Dykstra has a significant depth of experience in providing such integrated services, giving clients peace of mind and confidence that the project will be a success.


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