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Harley Dykstra appointed to prepare yet another Port Master Plan

After revising the Port of Albany Master Plan in 2016, the Port of Esperance has appointed Harley Dykstra to prepare a strategic Land Use Plan (“Master Plan”) to guide future development within the Port area over the next 20 years. As there is no existing Master Plan in place for the Port of Esperance, land use planning and decision making within the Port Area has historically been ad-hoc and resulted in sub-optimal outcomes. In January 2017, Harley Dykstra held a workshop with Port of Esperance stakeholders to identify key issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Port. The outcomes of this workshop will lay the foundations for the Port of Esperance Master Plan which divides the Port Area into specific precincts. This will provide increased certainty to the Port, Government Agencies, tenants and the Esperance community as to how the Port will develop over time and cater for future opportunities.


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