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Harley Dykstra Achieves Development Approval for Bounce Trampoline Centre in Osborne Park

Development Approval, Osborne Park Harley Dykstra has successfully achieved Development Approval for a new Bounce Trampoline Centre designed to accommodate 150 participants at 40 Hutton Street, Osborne Park. Once completed, the development will deliver a high quality, architecturally designed building by Vespoli Constructions, at a landmark corner site. The new development shall replace vacant warehouse style industrial buildings, which were demolished during the planning approval process in readiness for construction works to commence. The key challenge to securing approval involved negotiating a significant carparking concession. The City of Stirling’s parking and access policy stipulated the provision of an excessive number of car bays relative to the needs of the facility. Harley Dykstra co-ordinated parking demand modelling undertaken by Traffic Consultant Transcore, based on sales data obtained from the Bounce Trampoline Centre in Cannington. This demonstrated the proposed 72 parking bays provided both as undercroft parking and external parking with effective landscaping could satisfy the objectives of the City of Stirling’s Policy. Harley Dykstra looks forward to the completion of the project and testing our trampolining skills once the new centre opens!


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