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Busselton City Centre Entrance

Client: WML Consultants

Location: Busselton

Timeframe: 2016


The City of Busselton is currently embarking on a major project to overhaul and revitalise the traffic-flow in and out of the city centre of Busselton. Harley Dykstra is pleased to be contributing their survey services towards this project in conjunction with WML Consultants.


The City of Busselton is located in a picturesque location between the banks of the Vasse River and the shores of Geographe Bay. However, these two significant geographic assets also present significant challenges in terms of traffic flow in and out of the city centre. The centre of Busselton currently only has one traffic bridge crossing the Vasse River at the city centre and this becomes extremely congested at many times throughout the day and even more acutely on weekends and long weekends.

The City has worked over a number of decades to plan for a way of overcoming these problems and is nearing a solution. As such it is seeking comprehensive, accurate survey information to enable it to design alternative access into the town centre, thereby solving the traffic flow problems presented by the present layout. Harley Dykstra are working alongside South-west based engineering firm WML Consultants to complete the project.

The project has presented some challenges in terms of surveying in high traffic-volume locations. We have successfully minimised the impact of the provision of our services by seeking to conduct survey of the busiest areas during out-of-hour’s periods. We have also sought to minimise our impact on pedestrian traffic by safe and considerate placement of survey marks and equipment.

Portions of the survey need to extend into environmentally sensitive areas, to ensure that the proposed design does not adversely impact these areas. Survey data capture within these areas has been conducted in such a way to ensure that a very light environmental footprint is made on the area.


Harley Dykstra’s staff have been able to mobilise to assist in this task on a very short timeframe in order to supply comprehensive survey information for the roads, drainage and service features in the design area and are providing a comprehensive suite of data to WML to enable them to engineer the appropriate design solution and new road layout.

Harley Dykstra is pleased to be able to contribute to this significant local project and look forward to seeing the results of this significant body of work.


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