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17 km Mining Tenement Boundary Surveyed in 2 Days!

A man in hi vis is staking the ground for surveying

Difficult terrain is no barrier to our highly trained survey team!  Harley Dykstra has the necessary DMIRS registrations qualifications and experience, and are fully equipped to undertake mining tenement surveys.  Despite the flooding and dense bushland, 17 km of mining tenement boundary in Nambung Flatts was able to be surveyed in just 2 days! Generally, Freehold land ownership in Western Australia excludes any rights to extract minerals, ore or precious metals.  The permission to extract these resources is regulated through the Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS). In order to obtain the legal right to extract resources, an area must be marked out on the ground and applied for through DMIRS and satisfy their application requirements.  Once granted, DMIRS will require a legal survey of the tenement by a Licensed Surveyor who is registered with DMIRS.  Harley Dykstra’s licenced surveyor, Matthew Spinelli, is registered with DMIRS and undertakes these surveys for our mining clients

Surveying in progress in bushland

In this instance, our client had been granted Mining Tenement M70/1305.  This grant was subject to the survey of the mining tenement to DMIRS regulations.  As nominated surveyor, DMIRS issued Harley Dykstra with survey instructions for this tenement which covered an area of 950 ha in size consisting of both freehold and crown land.

The tenement survey was carried out using our state-of-the-art Trimble GNSS RTK system which allowed us to establish and mark out 17 km of Tenement Boundaries in just two days. The tenement boundaries were marked with a referenced post and trenched according to DMIRS requirements. Tall PVC pipes were used to clearly identify the marked corners.

The Harley Dykstra car's looking like it's had a long day out bush!

A particular challenge encountered during this survey was the significant amount of flooding from recent rain. As a result, some access tracks were impassable, while other areas required significant effort to access.  Harley Dykstra’s survey teams are well equipped with four-wheel-drive vehicles and well trained to use them in challenging situations. Deep-water crossings were viewed as a challenge to accept – not a roadblock!

Thanks also should be given to the client for providing a field-guide equipped with a four-wheel-drive just in case a recovery was required. Ironically, this vehicle was the only vehicle that needed recovery, and we were happy to oblige.

A Surveyor looks down at his equipment.
A very still body of water about to be measured.


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