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Taking Survey into the Skies

Small beginnings - taking off in a new direction.

Harley Dykstra is leading the charge into new aerial mapping technology. We have two full time pilots on the job and have successfully ventured into a rapidly developing market sector where the true project benefits are limited only by the client’s imagination.

Although the phrase “Drone” is getting quite well known, and with manufacturers starting to lever on sales to the general public, we find ourselves in a very similar vein to when GPS came on the scene; there’s room for both recreational and functional benefits to the drone technology. For a survey and mapping tool, the drone generates a new level of service for existing and new clients, who gain access to 3 dimensional data presented in a format that breaks old traditions and sets new benchmarks in data capture and deliverables.

Although surveying has always been rewarding and beneficial to new projects and is invaluable in taking stock of what is actually there on the day, having the survey presented in a visual format provides a holistic view of the project. What in days gone by was inaccessible, time consuming, cost prohibitive and at times unsafe, is now one flight away from reality.

So what are the team at Harley Dykstra busy capturing?

  1. Complete mine sites for updated imagery, planning and volume computations

  2. Stockpiles and imagery capture for volume computations, development progress and project timelines

  3. Civil blasting for documentation of blast performance, dust emissions and area security

  4. Capture of alignments through the construction process for project reporting and community information seminars

  5. Future estate planning with contour models and feature identification

  6. Landfill facilities and pit monitoring for “clean” efficient data collection for a multitude of data uses

  7. Home levels and view corridors for purchasers in height restricted estates

  8. Highway visual modelling and "flythroughs" to plan the optimal proposed location for the new generation of roadside digital billboards

And that’s just a start.

What would you like surveyed and “shot” with live photography viewing (our ability to capture and deliver is restricted only by your requirements and imagination)?


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