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Hydrones - Now We Can Bring Surveying to the Water!

For decades Harley Dykstra has built a strong reputation as land experts in surveying and town planning and has sought to keep abreast of technological changes that enable us to improve our efficiency in dealing with and measuring land. In more recent times we have extended our services into the air, using remotely piloted aerial systems (drones) to provide aerial photography, and digital terrain model point clouds to enhance our mapping, land management and volume calculation abilities. However most recently, we have extended our capabilities to the aquatic environment with a small fleet of hydrones (or remotely piloted water craft), equipped with survey grade, calibrated sonar systems and GPS.  These enable us to map the floor of rivers, lakes and the ocean on a relatively small scale (compared to the Australian Maritime Services), giving us the flexibility to apply hydrographic measurement techniques in a wide range of areas that previously were unable to be efficiently mapped. Our hydrone craft have been used already to map agricultural dams (to certify volume/capacity), recreational lakes (to map under water obstacles), mining process water dams (to facilitate dredging operations), and beachside ocean locations (to facilitate design of boat launching infrastructure). We have provided our services to mining companies, local government, engineering consultants and farmers and are able to provide them with a map of their assets that extends below the water line. Using our sonar equipped hydrone, we are able to produce contour maps that extend our land base services offering below the water, providing equally comprehensive information above and below water level.  Harley Dykstra is now able to offer services on land, air and water.

A man in hi-vis stands next to a dam, setting up a hydrone on the banks.
A man in hi-vos stands on a jetty, directing a hydrone back to him.


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