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Specialist Survey for Avocado Farm, Manjimup

Planting Set-out Survey, Manjimup

In early November two surveyors from Harley Dykstra were able to provide specialist surveying services to Prada Farms in the establishment of their new Avocado Operation on Doaks Road near Manjimup. By undertaking precision survey set out of the first 17.3 ha stage, a higher density of tree planting is able to be achieved. Establishing the on-site AHD connection was performed through a static GNSS network adjustment to Landgate’s Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS). The on-site set-out was then performed using conventional RTK GNSS establishing approximately 1700 reference points for tree planting. We were also able to provide the client with a more detailed contour plan of the site to assist with increased drainage and facing awareness for the >40m slope on this first planting. We are excited to be involved in this project and hope to be able to assist in providing future technical survey and drone support to Prada farms as they continue establishing this operation.


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