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Site Challenges overcome for ‘Discovery Commercial Centre’

Located in the heart of LandCorp’s Cockburn Commercial Park, in the City of Cockburn, Harley Dykstra is pleased to be consulting on a new showroom warehouse development that will soon commence construction. To be called ‘Discovery Commercial Centre’, what makes the project unique is that the land on which the development is taking place has a number of site considerations to account for following earlier ground remediation. Harley Dykstra is working with Ridcon Properties, LandCorp and the landowner to achieve an outcome that addresses LandCorp’s Cockburn Commercial Park Design Guidelines and City of Cockburn development requirements, while also responding to development constraints and ensuring a strong landowner outcome.  Designed with Modus Design and Archistruct Designers & Builders, the project will include 8 showrooms across two buildings in an attractive business park setting.  Given both ‘P’ and ‘A’ site classifications over the land, reflecting the varied nature of site conditions, detailed access, structural and civil design solutions are being undertaken for each building by Prichard Francis consulting engineers.  Importantly, the project team is working with Golder Associates to deliver a gas mitigation management plan for the land that aims to ensure a successful development while addressing site requirements in a non-intrusive manner. The project’s development approval was granted by the City of Cockburn in November 2017 with detailed design documentation now underway. As one of only a handful of sites in the Perth Metropolitan area where measures such as gas mitigation management are required as part of site development, Harley Dykstra are pleased to be providing survey, town planning and project management services to Ridcon Properties and the landowner.


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