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Providing Precision Survey Services to the Manufacturing Industry

Harley Dykstra has been engaged by Minara Resources to provide high accuracy, coordinated laser scanning and survey services to their Murrin Murrin nickel and cobalt mining and refining project.  Harley Dykstra has made a number of visits to site, scanning many different large scale appliances and site features. These works are required for planning purposes relating to the processing plant. Having up to date accurate survey information is critical to ensuring the efficient and timely works required.

Harley Dykstra has engaged the abilities of its medium range laser scanning instrumentation to undertake detailed laser scans of various parts of the site. These scans are coordinated against the site’s survey control network so that the scans can be orientated relative to each other, gradually building up a full three dimensional model of the entire processing facility (which measures more than a kilometre in length). Laser scanning of the refinery assets enables work to be conducted from a safe distance away from ‘live’ assets. This enables staff to conduct detailed design work using measurements based on the models that are generated from the existing assets without physically having to be inducted to enter the restricted areas of the site. Laser scanning enables a detailed “3D snapshot” to be taken of the various survey locations. Measurement “over-sampling” allows for the known areas of interest to be captured, as well as all other visible features so that, should other measurements be required of adjacent areas of interest in the future, these can be extracted from the comprehensive data set without the need to revisit the site.

Harley Dykstra’s scanning and survey services have already enabled the refurbishment of parts of the site infrastructure and as the project continues the ongoing safe and efficient operation of the plant will be secured.


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