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Port Geographe Townhouses

One of WA’s leading property developers Mr Colin Heath (Heath Development Co and Lowe Pty Ltd) has recently diversified into the BUILT FORM via construction of up market Townhouses on Port Geographe land holdings.

As shown on the photos, the development consists of two pairs of duplex townhouses that are constructed on adjoining Lots 74 and 75 Spinnaker Boulevard. The construction on Lot 74 was completed in 2016 and the buildings on Lot 75 are nearing completion.

The Townhouses have been constructed by prominent Busselton builder, Pro Living and offer the option of canal frontage and marina views for the rear units or ocean views for the front units.

Heath Development Company has been a major client for Harley Dykstra for more than 25 years, particularly through surveying services for major and present subdivision projects in Albany, most notably the Oyster Harbour Estate.

For this development at Spinnaker Boulevard our initial involvement started in 2015 to carry out the subdivision of the parent super lot into seven separate lots, two of which are now developed by the construction of the Townhouses.

Our role with respect to the Townhouses has been to carry out all aspects of the Strata Titling process, which includes measurement of the buildings, calculation of floor areas, drafting of Strata Plans and co-ordinating the services of a Licensed Valuer and Registered Building Surveyor. We then arrange the necessary Building Compliance documentation from Council and attend to lodgements at Landgate.

Harley Dykstra is proud of our ongoing association with Colin Heath and is pleased to assist with the progress of quality development at Port Geographe, which provides a very appealing market choice for the public.


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