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More Power to Busselton's Commercial Centre

The Busselton Power Centre is a significant commercial development in the heart of Busselton. It has taken vacant, low-lying, unused land and converted it into a significant commercial centre in the heart of town. The land is situated immediately alongside an already thriving commercial area and is within easy walking distance of the main street of town.

The project has been in the planning stages for a significant number of years and features major tenancies with a major supermarket and discount department store chain. The project was undertaken in the style of a Green Title Freehold Subdivision and whilst this presents significant benefits in the ongoing use and development of the property, it created some challenges in the final stages of the subdivision process with regards to the creation and modification of easements and other interests in the land.

Harley Dykstra worked closely alongside the developers, Erceg Management, and their legal team in order to achieve a seamless outcome whose path through Landgate and the Titles Office was achieved without requisition penalties. The project required careful design planning and implementation of the various servicing routes, and meticulous attention to their protection by easements in favour of service authorities, lot owners, and the public at large. Significant consideration has been given to the accurate placement of the appropriate style of easements within the development to ensure that the owner’s future legal interests are protected and rights of access to the public are maintained. The plans and documents were developed through an iterative, consultative process which resulted in a comprehensive legal framework that was acceptable to both local and state government, as well as the developer and their future tenants.

Harley Dykstra has been pleased to be involved with this significant commercial development within the City of Busselton and we congratulate Erceg Management on the successful delivery of this latest stage of their project.


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