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Innovative Road Reconstruction

Harley Dykstra were recently involved in the realignment and reconstruction of 4km of South Coast Highway that also included construction of a 4km side track for traffic to be diverted onto while the roadworks were in progress. Survey support was provided for the entire project which included establishment of site control, machine control setup and support, routine drone flyover for remote offsite reviews of progress, stockpile volume reporting, underground services location and set out, assistance with design modifications and general survey set out for construction.

Details of the works were as follows:

  1. 4km of full reconstruction and realignment of South Coast Highway including construction of a 4km side track to move traffic onto during construction of the new road;

  2. Survey support during the entire job including construction control establishment (Road Reference Marks) and SSM (Landgate Standard Survey Mark) replacement. Construction survey set-out of services, driveways and fencing;

  3. Machine Control setup and management for graders using both GNSS, GPS and also Total Station equipment;

  4. Managed design changes and modifications to design;

  5. Measurement of stockpile volumes using both conventional GPS and Drone technology; and;

  6. Routine drone flyovers fortnightly for visual offsite updates of the project progress.

The end result is a much safer piece of road where previously there was a winding road in very poor condition.


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