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High 5 To An Extra-ordinary 5 Lot Approval

Harley Dykstra was engaged to prepare a Scheme Amendment and Structure Plan to facilitate the subdivision of a 1.5 hectare property on the outskirts of Albany into smaller Lots. With significant experience in this field, we were able to overcome a series of major challenges imposed by various government agencies along the way to deliver an exceptional outcome to the landowner and local community.

Through the Scheme Amendment process support was obtained from Council to rezone the property to allow six 2,000m2 Lots, in keeping with the surrounding land sizes and best planning practice. The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) refused to support the Amendment, and sought to restrict development to just three 4,000m2 Lots. Harley Dykstra obtained support from the Minister of Planning to overturn the WAPC decision, and received approval to rezone the property to allow five 2,500m2 Lots. This outcome resulted in a more efficient use of the land and public infrastructure, and added a significant increase to the value of the property.

During the subdivision process the WAPC and Department of Water again sought to limit subdivision of the property to just three Lots, through the application of the recently released Draft Government Sewerage Policy. This policy identifies the property as being located in a sewerage sensitive area due to its proximity to the Kalgan River, and seeks to limit development in these areas. Harley Dykstra prepared compelling justification and rationale based on best planning practice, statutory legislation and policy which ultimately saw the WAPC support and issue planning approval to develop five Lots.

Harley Dykstra is now ready to use its multi-disciplinary skills to assist the owners in constructing the subdivision and bring these Lots to the market.

We received a heart-warming "High 5" from the clients Rob and Jamie Buegge after they received their five Lot subdivision approval:

“Words couldn’t express how pleased we were to receive your email last night. To see the approval come to fruition was very, very satisfying to say the least. Even more so, given the recent developments that have come to light in relation to the new restrictions placed over the land near the Kalgan River. We truly appreciate you ‘going in to bat’ for us on these recent matters.

…we are truly grateful and thank you for your continued perseverance with this subdivision proposal.” (Rob & Jamie Buegge 2017)


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