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Gracetown and Caves Road Survey for Main Roads

Harley Dykstra was recently involved in a project with Main Roads to complete a feature survey near Gracetown in the South West of WA. This included sections of Ellen Brook Road, Salter Street, Lefthanders Road and Caves Road. In total, around 6km’s of road was surveyed.

The purpose of the survey was to provide Main Roads with a survey data set to be used in the future design process of a possible second access road into Gracetown.

Several surveying methods were used in order to obtain the required data. These included:

  1. Installation of permanent Road Reference Mark control

  2. Total Station and GPS measurements

  3. 8 hours of Static GPS observations

  4. 10km’s of Levelling

Although the location of the job was in the very scenic South West region of WA, there were still several challenges which had to be overcome by the surveyor’s onsite including:

  1. High levels of traffic on Caves Road during the Holiday Season

  2. Proximity of trees to the road, making it difficult to position control points and obtain long lines of sight between control

  3. Local wildlife – Snakes and Bull Ants

Solutions were found for all of these challenges and the job was completed safely, without injury or incident.

Following the completion of the field work was the task of bringing all the data together and producing the finished product to Main Roads standards. This involved processing the Static GPS observations, running an adjustment through the control points and bringing in the data from the level run to obtain a tight control network.

Harley Dykstra were able to call on several of their surveyors during a four week period to complete the job and deliver the finished product to Main Roads on time.


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