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Dalyellup Commercial Development Approved!

Tavern, medical centre, child care, takeaway foods, you name it; Harley Dykstra has obtained approval for a multiple-use commercial development in Dalyellup. Harley Dykstra worked closely with, and managed a project team of consultants, to present carefully articulated specifications to the Shire of Capel. The proposed development is located along Portobello Road in Dalyellup Town Centre. Implementation of this approval will certainly add vibrancy to the Dalyellup Town Centre. The primary issue was convincing Council of the merits of a Tavern in proximity to the proposed child care centre. With specialist problem solving skills, Harley Dykstra provided valid and appropriate reasoning to its success. Harley Dykstra promoted the varying operating hours between the Tavern and the child care centre as part of the solution. Furthermore, the Tavern was described as being a family-friendly restaurant venue that merely required the licensing of a Tavern. With the approval in play, Harley Dykstra continues to manage the project and progress with obtaining required building specification drawings from consultants. All being well construction for the Dalyellup Commercial Development will proceed in the coming months. By mid-2020 customers could be enjoying the multiple benefits of this significant commercial development in Dalyellup!


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