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Clydesdale Park Subdivision and Estate (Stage 3)

Project Location and Date: Engleheart Drive, Mckail, 2024

Photograph provided courtesy of DevelopmentWA.
Photograph provided courtesy of DevelopmentWA.

The Project Brief:

Clydesdale Park is an established residential estate by DevelopmentWA, located in the suburb of McKail, 7kms from the Albany town centre.

Harley Dykstra have been engaged by DevelopmentWA for surveying, town planning, and project management services throughout Stage 3, involving 36 new residential lots being added to the growing estate. 

Video Credit: DevelopmentWA

The Solution:

To date, our Surveyors, Town Planners, and Project Managers have been involved in:

We are currently in the process of obtaining clearances for the subdivision conditions, and once construction is completed, Tuhmai will be pegging the lots so that they are ready for sale. 

Photos supplied by DevelopmentWA:

We’re looking forward to having an influx of new residents enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer. 


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