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Southern McKail Local Structure Plan

Category: Land Sub-division Project: Southern McKail Local Structure Plan Client: 13 adjoining land owners Location: Albany Timeframe: July 2007 – current


Harley Dykstra has been involved in the preparation of numerous Structure and Outline Development Plans (ODP) around the City of Albany, including the development of a new Local Structure Plan (LSP) for Southern McKail, which then led to the revision of the overall McKail Local Structure Plan. This project involved co-ordination of 13 separate landowners, all of whom wanted to achieve different outcomes for their land. The final implementation of both plans resulted in approximately 263 residential lots, accommodating an estimated 600 people, once fully constructed.


There were many unique issues facing the implementation of the LSP and ODP, including:

  1. Developer contributions;

  2. Drainage and servicing;

  3. Community consultation;

  4. Integration with existing development; and

  5. Implementation of sustainable design principles.

To resolve these issues, Harley Dykstra methodically addressed all of the tasks and worked consultatively with various stakeholders to deliver a successful outcome for the future development of the land, including:

  1. Negotiating drainage infrastructure to be located on an adjoining site, due to miscalculations in the amount of urban drainage infrastructure required within the Linear Park of the LSP

  2. Working with Wood and Grieve Engineers to determine the level of servicing upgrade required to service future residential development in the LSP area

  3. Liaising with stakeholders and landowners throughout the plan preparation process to ensure that all were satisfied and achieving their own particular outcomes

  4. Comprehensive review of sustainable design practices, with implementation through a DAP appended to the Outline Development Plan

  5. Review of surrounding development and changes to the LSP to ensure development is consistent and that the ‘family’ character of the McKail suburb was maintained.


This process also utilised the SWOT assessment process to ascertain the key issues and constraints applicable to the development proposal, which supported the project team and relevant authorities to work collaboratively and achieve the preferred end outcome for this project. Harley Dykstra is now working with some of the landowners to progress subdivision to fulfil the requirements of the LSP and ODP.


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