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Canning's Four Storey Childcare Centre Approved!

An artist rendering of the four storey childcare centre

Cannington residents will soon be able to walk through a landscaped piazza, through to a fun, colourful, modern architectural four-storey childcare building in Pattie Street. As part of their visit to the childcare facility, they can also enjoy social time with family or friends on the ground floor café that integrates with the planning piazza. In conjunction with Studio 25 Architects and the City of Canning’s Design Review Panel, Harley Dykstra has set high standards for the redevelopment of Pattie Street’s centre precinct. Harley Dykstra assisted in the numerous modifications which had to be negotiated and addressed to ensure agreement by Councillors. Some of the obstacles overcome included:

  1. Marginal car parking shortfall;

  2. Infrastructure negotiations (access arrangement);

  3. High quality and resilient landscaping design for civic spaces;

  4. Building articulation and façade design; and

  5. Contemporary modular construction methodology. Through close collaboration, Harley Dykstra was able to present a high quality, attractive design of the four-storey childcare centre, and gain support and development approval from Councillors. The childcare centre is said to enhance the growth and overall vibrancy of the City Centre. This family-focused development will allow your children to experience the benefits of a modern, high quality designed childcare centre.


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