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Subdividing in Roleystone Bushfire Prone Areas

Harley Dykstra has been involved in 4 separate subdivision applications within the residential zoned parts of Roleystone hills, which have all been affected by the introduction of State Planning policy 3.7 (Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas) that was adopted at the end of 2015. Recently adopted planning policy requires that any subdivision within bushfire prone areas must be subject of a fire assessment prior to the subdivision application being lodged for determination, in order to demonstrate that the bushfire risk on the existing lot and proposed lot can be appropriately managed. Harley Dykstra has used its experience in subdividing in the hills areas, along with its town planning and specialist bushfire assessment expertise, to give guidance to land owners who are intending to undertake subdivision in the hills, and to prepare subdivision applications that are capable of complying with the fire requirements. The implementation of the fire planning policy has been an evolving discussion between industry and government, and Harley Dykstra has been substantially involved in discussions and negotiations through local authority, State Planning and State Administrative Tribunal in order to advance and improve the manner in which the fire planning policy is being implemented. Three of the four submitted subdivision applications within the Roleystone hills area of the past 12 months have been approved with the fourth application still awaiting approval.

As project managers and surveyors, Harley Dykstra is also involved in the implementation of the bushfire management controls required as a condition of subdivision approval. Harley Dykstra has specialist expertise and knowledge in implementing subdivisions and working through all of the subdivision requirements associated with constructing subdivisions, and hence is well placed to supervise the implementation of the fire management works on site as required by the Management Plans.


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