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Improved Management for Gravel Extraction in Karragullen Hills

When experienced gravel pit operators, Vinci Gravel, took over the control and management of an existing gravel pit in Karragullen Hills, they were unaware of the mounting community and Council concerns over the operations. There was a very real prospect of the gravel pit being shut down amid concerns about: creating a scar on the landscape; dust control; noise impact on neighbours; traffic management; and standards for site rehabilitation works.

Harley Dykstra were appointed to a number of key tasks, namely:

  1. Arrange and compile various reports on noise, dust and traffic management;

  2. Prepare operational, environmental and revegetation management plans; and

  3. Preparation and implementation of an annual auditing programme.

Following extensive work and negotiation between the operators, Local Councillors, City Technical Staff, and various State Agencies, Harley Dykstra obtained planning approvals for two further expansion stages of the gravel pit. Harley Dykstra has also conducted two Annual Audits for review by the City.

Harley Dykstra’s extensive knowledge of hills development, a solid survey information data base, and experience in project managing hills subdivisions and revegetation works, has been instrumental in the success of this gravel pit remaining open and expanding its operations.


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