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Navigating the Depths of Bathymetric (Hydro) Surveying

Bathymetric surveying, commonly known as hydro surveying, stands as a testament to the relentless march of technological innovation in the field of land surveying. This specialised technique, once limited by the constraints of manual measurements and cumbersome equipment, has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to advancements in technology. Today, hydro surveyors (like Harley Dykstra) harness […]

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The Latest Developments in Smart Building Technology (and why Planners and Surveyors are Essential for Success!)

In the ever-evolving realm of urban development, smart building technology stands as a game-changer, reshaping how we conceive, construct, and inhabit structures. Recent advancements in this field are propelling innovation, sustainability, and efficiency to new heights, establishing smart building integration as not just a luxury but a fundamental necessity for creating intelligent urban environments. Yet, […]

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NavVis VLX – Revolutionising Planning and Survey Work

In the ever-evolving urban planning and surveying landscape, staying ahead of the technology curve is essential. Harley Dykstra has taken a leap forward by incorporating the NavVis VLX mobile mapping and reality capture scanner into their existing workflow. With our offices located in Perth, Forrestdale, Bunbury, Albany, and Denmark we cover a large portion of […]

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Surveying on the Water

Bathymetric Surveying

For decades Harley Dykstra has built a strong reputation as Land Experts in surveying and town planning and has sought to keep abreast of technological changes that enable us to improve our efficiency in dealing with and measuring land. In more recent times we have extended our services into the air, using remotely piloted aerial […]

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17 km Mining Tenement Boundary Surveyed in 2 Days!

Difficult terrain is no barrier to our highly trained survey team!  Harley Dykstra has the necessary DMIRS registrations qualifications and experience, and are fully equipped to undertake mining tenement surveys.  Despite the flooding and dense bushland, 17 km of mining tenement boundary in Nambung Flatts was able to be surveyed in just 2 days! Generally, […]

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Development Application success at Baldivis Central

Childcare, Offices, Takeaway and Retail Outlets Approved! Indulge in a retail escape, visit your local GP, or enjoy local childcare – get it all at Baldivis Central! Harley Dykstra has obtained a Development Application approval by designing and aligning the Council and the commercial clients’ requirements. Harley Dykstra worked cohesively with Council technical officers as […]

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Karen Baptist Community Church to Worship in Kelmscott Hills!

Harley Dykstra has obtained a Development Application approval for Karen Baptist Community Church to establish a new Place of Worship on a rural property on Brookton Highway in the Kelmscott Hills. Construction of the 200 seating capacity building could begin later in 2020. Karen Baptist Community Church can look forward to worshiping at their new […]

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Community Purpose Facility Approved for Orange Grove!

When a non-compliance letter was issued by the City of Gosnells in 2018, Harley Dykstra assisted the Dao Ji Association in obtaining a development approval for their site at 5 Canter Court, Orange Grove. Despite a lengthy and complicated process Harley Dykstra’s determination for the client achieved a good result! The client’s vision was to […]

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Canning’s Four Storey Childcare Centre

Cannington residents will soon be able to walk through a landscaped piazza, through to a fun, colourful, modern architectural four-storey childcare building in Pattie Street. As part of their visit to the childcare facility, they can also enjoy social time with family or friends on the ground floor café that integrates with the planning piazza. […]

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