Topcon And Trimble Put Through Their Paces

Tunney Passing Lanes, Albany Highway

As part of the state government’s rural road infrastructure improvement programs two new overtaking lanes have just been completed on Albany Highway.

Located near Tunney (~30km south of Kojonup), the construction was performed by Fulton Hogan with Harley Dykstra working in conjunction to provide the survey and Machine Guidance support. Harley Dykstra has a long history working closely with Main Roads and Fulton Hogan on roadworks projects in both the south west and great southern regions.

Harley Dykstra and Fulton Hogan have used both Topcon and Trimble Machine Control Solutions previously with great success, and the choices for both these projects was made based on gear availability and cost efficiency. In our experience both systems, can provide the tolerances required by Main Roads for rural construction jobs (including final trim with GPS). This however is provided correct and good practise is followed, including but not limited to; accurate control creation, establishment of effective bench off procedures as well as clear communication and understanding between machine operators, surveyors and supervisors as to expectations and limitations. By following these processes consistent, precise and accurate surfaces can be created.

Topcon Machine Control Model Creation
Topcon Machine Control Model Creation
Topcon Machine Control 3DMC Construction View
Topcon Machine Control 3DMC Construction View

The latest Trimble GPS machine guidance system was provided by Anderson Grading Pty Ltd for the South Overtaking Lane, and fully supported through design adaption and grader model creation from Harley Dykstra. For the North overtaking lane the machine guidance systems were sourced and fitted through the south west based WA Diesel Services ( who both serviced and fitted the Fulton Hogan graders and excavators with the latest Topcon Machine Guidance Systems.

In addition to the usual survey tasks of control placement, various onsite set out and tolerance checking, these projects were performed using ‘rectified’ design data, that is models that have been adjusted to fit accurate survey pickup of the existing road cutline (tie in point) according to design parameters and pavement thicknesses. This ensures that both Main Road tolerances are more likely to be met as to pavement thickness, and that cost increases through accidental over construction can be avoided.

Base station provided and maintained by Harley Dykstra for Tunney Passing Lanes job
Base station provided and maintained by Harley Dykstra for Tunney Passing Lanes job

Feature Photo (top) Trimble Machine Control Model Creation

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